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9 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Website Designed

Video Guide:

3:13 – 3 truths about website design

5:29 – #1: You need website hosting and a domain name

7:30 – #2: You may have to write your own website copy

9:11 – #3: Your website needs strong calls-to-action

11:03 – #4: Have an idea of how much your website may cost and your budget

15:50 – #5: You get what you pay for in website design

18:56 – #6: A general understanding of the website design process

24:08 – #7: All website designers and agencies aren’t created equal

27:29 – #8: Website maintenance and security is a must-have

32:34 – #9: You need a strategy to drive traffic

35:39 – Recap

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This is an in-depth, comprehensive list of the most important things you need to be aware of before getting a website created, whether it’s your first time or fifth time around. It also gives you insight into the website design industry and lets you in on a few things some web designers will never tell you.

Before you embark on your next website journey, this is a must-read list that will save you time, money, resources, headaches and even professional relationships.