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Delatorro McNeal is ranked as one of the best motivational speakers in the world and has been transforming lives for over 15 years. As an internationally renowned Pe4k Per4mance Expert, keynote speaker and best-selling author, Delatorro has spoken in 49 of the 50 US states and abroad and has delivered well over 3000 paid presentations.

He holds the prestigious CSP designation, which places him in the top 7% of paid professional speakers worldwide, which is the highest international recognition of professional speaking excellence. His list of clients includes Johnson & Johnson, New York Life, JP Morgan Chase, Prudential, Accenture and a host of others.

Delatorro McNeal

Epic. Energy. Excellence.

Sargent Branding took the outdated look of Delatorro’s website and re-designed it to be bold, modern and fresh to visually represent his social influence and veteran speaking experience. We rebuilt the broken, nonfunctional e-commerce store into an easy-to-navigate store-front that showcases Dealtorro’s products and online trainings.

Since Delatorro has vast media exposure and video content, we created several pages that showcased his conference, TV show, premium speaker training, and the various ways to be coached by the Master.

The homepage needed to scream top-notch expert authority, have movement, video and represent what he does during live events and coaching. It needed to be multi-sensory and feature crowd-surfing, sound, Delatorro on the stage and videos showing the audience in action.

Overall, Delatorro is very happy with the outcome of his brand new website because it now matches his high level of expertise in the speaking industry, and now the website communicates the 5 Es: Energy, Excellence, Experience, Expensive and Epic.


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Delatorro McNeal website

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