The 3-Week Website Custom WordPress Websites Done in Only 3 Weeks

Launch your website
 in only 21 days

combine beauty & performance for a powerful website

Run your business with confidence

The traditional process is broken.

If you’re like us, you’re probably over the:

Thankfully, there's a better way. It's called The 3-Week Website™.

The 3-Week Website™ Is An Easy Streamlined Path to a Website You Love

3x Faster & Easier Than Doing It Yourself

No more waiting days and weeks for approvals. Use more of your time to focus energy on what you love and do best.


Launch Date

3WW™ is a streamlined step-by-step approach that we've tested over years to create a website that all but guarantees you hit your launch date.

Fixed Prices
and Packages

Forget about the awkward price conversation and scope creep. Each package has a fixed set of deliverables at a fixed affordable price.

Highly Personalized To

Your Brand

You're not like any other company, so why should your site be any different? Everything about your site is tailored for your brand to fit like a digital glove!

4 Easy Steps to a WordPress Website You'll Love

How It Works

Attend your creative session

Once you’re signed up & onboarded, we’ll have a 60-minute video Creative Session to go over all of the content you’ll need for the website.

Submit your content

Next you’ll complete our handy Website Workbook to gather your text, images, and colors, and upload them all to a shared Dropbox folder.

We design & build your website

Up next, we’ll create your custom WordPress website design and have over-the-shoulder revision sessions to make changes together to ensure your site is exactly how you want it.

Launch your site

Once approved, we’ll launch your new WordPress website on your predetermined go-live date!

Starter Website


Ideal for individuals who are just getting started online

Package includes:

Pro Website


Ideal for online entrepreneurs and experts

Package includes:

Elite Package


Ideal for small businesses, established marketers & tech startups

Package includes:

All website packages require a 50% deposit to get started

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Our Work

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Client Testimonials

Getting Started Is Super Easy

Say goodbye to uncomfortable price discussions and never-ending tasks. The 3WW™ packages have it all - a fixed set of deliverables at one reasonable investment - making it easy to know what's included before committing. Book your website strategy call to discuss your business goals, get free advice, and see if The 3-Week Website™ is a good fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3-Week Website™ process?

The 3-Week Website™ is a streamlined process to create a premium website that is personalized to your brand and business, completed in only 3 weeks.

What company is behind this service and who will design my website?

The name of our company is Sargent Branding Firm and we’ve been in business for 13 years, serving clients all over the globe. Cortney Sargent is the CEO and Lead Designer, who will actually design your website. He’s an award-winning graphic & web designer who’s super down-to-earth and very knowledgeable. Learn more about our company here, read testimonials, and see some case studies.

What is Cortney's expertise in web design?

Cortney has over 13 years and 50,000 hours of custom WordPress website design & branding experience, created over 100 websites, and developed thousands of web pages. He’s worked on almost every type of website imaginable and various different industries from food & beverage, small business, technology and logistics, to supply chain, entrepreneurship, coaching, publishing, consumer products, and non-profits.

What type of content do I need to provide for my website with The 3–Week Website™ process?

You will need to provide the same type of content for any website. Your content will include text (aka copywriting) which we will help you write, images & photos (which we can help source), business logo, colors, any existing marketing material that we can use as reference, login information for your domain name, hosting and email marketing software, and background information about your business, service/products & customers. You will write all of this content into an easy, fill-in-the-blank website workbook that we will provide you with. When finished, you’ll upload all of your content to a shared Dropbox folder.

Has The 3-Week Website™ process been used to create websites before?

After building over 100 websites, Cortney has streamlined and systemized his custom WordPress website design process, and tested The 3-Week Website™ with multiple clients and projects. So, yes–the process is tested and proven to work, but it does require your dedicated participation.

What if I want to move my predetermined go-live date to launch my website?

Our promise to you is that if you give us all of the content and feedback we request, your will be ready to go live in 3 weeks. If you decide to move your website launch date to one that fits better with your plans, that is totally okay.

Is there any guarantee that the go-live date will be reached with The 3–Week Website™ process?

We’ve done these hundreds of times, and we’re extremely confident in The 3-Week Website™ process. But, it only works with YOUR dedicated, focused participation. For the process to work, you have to do your part, which is writing some of your content, submitting your images and logins, and attending the Creative Session and Revision Sessions. In short, we can guarantee the go-live date as long as you show up and do your part. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Is the 3-Week Website™ process really achievable?

Yes it is. We’ve done it for many clients before. As long as you show up and do your part, we promise to do our part and create a premium personalized website in 3 weeks.

Will I have enough time to properly review all changes made to the design?

During the course of 3 weeks, we will have two Website Review Sessions. During these live screen share sessions, we will review your website and you will give us your feedback and changes in real time. It’s sort of an over-the-shoulder revisions session where we’re implementing the changes on the call with you and you can see your website be updated in the moment. In the rare occasion that you need more time to give revisions or we need more time to implement your changes, there is a 24-hour grace period for this. Rest assured, your website will be exactly the way you desire before it goes live. It’s not finished nor do you pay us until YOU approve it.

Is this for everyone? What if I don't want to The 3-Week Website, but I still want a new custom WordPress website design?

This process is not for everyone. The 3-Week Website™ is only for people who are ready to execute their dream website and make it a reality—IN 3 WEEKS. This is for people who 1) are ready to make the financial investment, 2) have the flexibility to attend the Creative and Review sessions, and 3) are prepared to participate in the process of creating your website–meaning you’re ready to do a little bit of thinking, writing, and giving us feedback. We understand that this is an expedited timeframe that may not fit everyone, and that’s okay. We can still work with you to create your small business website. The typical turnaround time for most websites is 6-8 weeks. Either way, we can work together to bring your new site to life!

How much control do I have over my website when using The 3–Week Website™ process?

You have as much creative control as you desire. We will always suggest what we think is best based on our expert opinion and experience, but we WANT to hear ALL feedback from you. Even if you don’t like something, that’s still great feedback for us. If you want the colors changed, we’ll change them. If you want to change your mind about something, you have the right to do that. Remember, this is YOUR website, so we’ll always do what is best for you and your business.