The Story Behind the Brand

Cortney Sargent, Sr.

Cortney Sargent, Sr.

CEO + Creative Director

Cortney Sargent, Sr. is a revolutionary leader who passionately uses his gifts and skills to help others, so much so that he is beloved as The People’s Entrepreneur. His life’s philosophy and favorite quote is “let’s make it better by going up together”, and he uses that same philosophy to drive the Sargent Branding agency.

His story began in Columbus, MS while his father was deployed out of the country on assignment with the United States Air Force. It was over a decade before Cortney got the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with his father, which caused him to hold a grudge well into adulthood.

Even though he faced some tough times in life without his dad, it didn’t hinder him from pursuing greatness. Through hope, love and reconciliation, Cortney and his father rebuilt their relationship, and after 24 years he was finally able to call his father “Dad”. This powerful story of reconciliation led Cortney to re-brand the agency in 2015 from Dominion Artistry to Sargent Branding Firm.

For nearly a decade, Cortney has immersed himself in all things branding, design and digital media, which has earned him three graphic design awards and multiple high-performing, high-level careers in Corporate America. The passion that drives him today is the same passion that is the life-blood of this agency.

Our mission is serve excellent, unparalleled branding and website design solutions. Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs to create “legacy brands” that impact the world and last for generations.