Case Study: Dallas Marketing Vet Melanie Ofenloch Launches New Website & Branding


Melanie has been working with our team at Sargent Branding for the past six years. We’ve redesigned her award-winning blog, Dallas Wine Chick twice. Recently she came to partner with us again to recreate a brand identity and website for her successful marketing agency Ofenloch Consulting. Of course, we were more than ready to take on the challenge.

The Challenge

Melanie has had a successful marketing agency for 6 years that was built strictly off of word of mouth. She realized that as a modern agency, it was time for her to create an official brand and website for her business.  She wanted something that was professional, yet personable and elegant.

The Solution

Brand Identity & Logo Design

We started on the brand identity first. Our vision was to create a logo that was simple and reflected Melanie’s personality–which is classy and sophisticated, yet fun and warm. We chose the color emerald green to represent elegance and growth, and we chose navy blue because it represents the professionalism and trust Melanie’s clients have in her.

Ofenloch Consulting custom logo design

By using the initials OC, we were able to create a powerful graphic representation that builds on Melanie’s strong last name. The intertwined circles of ‘O’ and ‘C’ convey an elegant interplay between them and we like to think that it represents the close bond and working relationship Melanie has with her clients.
From there, we were able to create vertical business cards for Ofenloch Consulting that is as unique as the agency.

business card design mockups

WordPress Website & Copywriting

Our next job was the website. We worked closely with Melanie to write engaging website copy that spoke to her strength and experience as a veteran marketer.

For Melanie’s website, we wanted to create a modern look and feel that was professional yet warm & welcoming. We used the circles in her logo as an artful design element throughout the site experience to give it some flair. To further bring Melanie’s vision to life, we incorporated photos of the Dallas skyline to make the website feel “at home”.

The result is a stunning and functional website that oozes professionalism and captures the essence of Ofenloch Consulting.

The Results

Since the launch of her new brand identity and website, Melanie is now able to showcase her marketing agency, experience, expertise and capabilities. The website will be instrumental in helping Ofenloch Consulting attract new clients and land more clients that Melanie enjoys working with.

In the end, Melanie was very pleased with our work and thankful for all of the hard work we put into making her brand identity and website.

At Sargent Branding, we take pride in providing marketing agencies like Ofenloch Consulting with brand identity and web design that showcase their professional capabilities, while still capturing their personal touch.

We are excited to continue working with Melanie and Ofenloch Consulting!

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