Case Study: Kestrel Insights SaaS WordPress Website Design


Kestrel Insights is a SaaS (Sales as a Service) company that leverages automated geofencing technology to help logistics companies save money, improve efficiencies, and simplify data access. They came to us with a severely outdated SaaS website design.

The Challenge

We knew that we could help Kestrel Insights create a truly impressive SaaS WordPress website that would accurately reflect their brand personality and meet all of their goals. With our expertise in creating custom animated graphics and high-end WordPress websites, we were confident that we could create an engaging experience for Kestrel Insights’ customers.

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The Results: SaaS WordPress Website Design

We reimagined and redesigned their website from the ground up. We began by designing a SaaS WordPress website that reflected the Kestrel Insights brand, while still being user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. We focused heavily on making this a performance-driven website so they can increase conversions and turn browsers into buyers.

We worked closely with Kestrel Insights to create custom animated graphics that highlighted Kestrel Insights’ SaaS services in an engaging and visually-appealing way that communicates how simple their process is and how they help their customers. We also helped craft engaging copywriting content for the website to ensure their message was communicated clearly.

The final SaaS WordPress website was completely updated from the original version, and the custom animated graphics added an element of interactive storytelling that Kestrel Insights was looking for. With Sargent Branding’s help, Kestrel Insights experienced a substantial increase in website traffic and improved customer retention rates.


Sargent Branding’s custom animated graphics and SaaS WordPress website design services helped Kestrel Insights create a new online presence that accurately reflected their brand message and increased website traffic.

Visit Kestrel Insight’s New Website

“Our old website was outdated and had poor communication and a non-professional feel. Our new website is a great improvement. Cortney has a smooth process that delivered a great final product.”
Lucas S.
CEO, Kestrel Insights
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